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What's On, July 2024


February 22, 2023

The 2023 Canadian Screen Award Nominees 

WIFF 2022 Official Selection films receive 45 nominations.


This morning the 11th Canadian Screen Award nominees were announced, highlighting some great Canadian films including lots of WIFF 2022 favourites! Official selections of the 2022 Festival garnered 45 nominations across all categories, with 33 nominations for WIFF Prize in Canadian Film nominees. Leading the pack with an impressive 14 nominations is Clement Virgo’s Brother. The 2022 WIFF Prize in Canadian Film winner, Riceboy Sleeps directed by Anthony Shim, received 6 nominations. Also among the nominees is local filmmaker Danny Dunlop’s Wolves, which was included as part of the WIFF Local programming. Other WIFF 2022 films nominated this morning include Babysitter, Falcon Lake, Rosie, The Swearing Jar, I Like Movies, Family Game (Arsenault & Fils), To Kill A Tiger, Handle With Care: The Legend of the Notic Streetball Crew and Geographies of Solitude.

The list of nominations also includes a film with upcoming screenings as part of the WIFF Presents series. From March 21-23, we will be screening nominee Chien Blanc, as well as partaking in the theatrical release of Riceboy Sleeps. Tickets are available now, click here.

See the full list of nominees below.

Best Motion Picture 

  • Babysitter
  • Brother
  • Falcon Lake
  • Riceboy Sleeps
  • Summer With Hope
  • Viking

Achievement in Art Direction

  • Jennifer Morden, Alice, Darling
  • Jason Clarke, John Kim, Richard Racicot, Brother
  • Carol Spier, Crimes of the Future
  • Dan Herrick, Zoë Woodrow, Cult Hero
  • André-Line Beauparlant, Viking

Achievement in Casting

  • Deirdre Bowen, Brother
  • Deirdre Bowen, Crimes of the Future
  • John Buchan, Jason Knight, Mélanie Bray, Rosie
  • Nicole Hilliard Forde, Matthew Lessall, The Swearing Jar
  • Lucie Robitaille, Viking

Achievement in Cinematography

  • Douglas Koch, Crimes of the Future
  • Vincent Gonneville, Nouveau-Québec
  • Christopher Lew, Riceboy Sleeps
  • Keenan Lynch, Tehranton
  • Sara Mishara, Viking

Achievement in Costume Design

  • Hanna Puley, Brother
  • Mayou Trikerioti, Crimes of the Future
  • Carrie Cathrae-Keeling, Cult Hero
  • Sig Burwash, Kathleen Darling, Queens of the Qing Dynasty
  • Mara Zigler, Tenzin
  • Sophie Lefebvre, Viking

Achievement in Direction

  • Clement Virgo, Brother
  • David Cronenberg, Crimes of the Future
  • Charlotte Le Bon, Falcon Lake
  • Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps
  • Stéphane Lafleur, Viking

Achievement in Editing

  • Christopher Donaldson, Crimes of the Future
  • Simone Smith, I Like Movies
  • Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps
  • Faran Moradi, Tehranto
  • Sophie Leblond, Viking

Achievement in Hair

  • Charlene Dunn, Bones of Crows
  • Tremaine Thomas, Brother
  • Mykola Korolyov, The Swearing Jar
  • Vincent Dufault, Viking

Achievement in Make-Up

  • Darci Jackson, Elizabeth McLeod, Bones of Crows
  • Joan Chell, Brother
  • Alexandra Anger, Monica Pavez, Crimes of the Future
  • Katie Ballantyne, Jonathan Craig, Cult Hero
  • Marie-Josée Galibert, Viking

Achievement in Music – Original Score

  • Ian Lefeuvre, Ashgrove
  • Todor Kobakov, Brother
  • Howard Shore, Crimes of the Future
  • Adrian Ellis, Cult Hero
  • Ari Posner, The End of Sex

Achievement in Music – Original Song

  • Ian Lefeuvre, Ashgrove
  • Marie Clements, Wayne Lavallee, Jesse Zubot, Bones of Crows
  • Chuck Baker, Tony Burgess, Cult Hero
  • Rose Cousins, Breagh Isabel, Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor
  • Kate Hewlett, The Swearing Jar

Achievement in Sound Editing

  • Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Paul Germann, Krystin Hunter, Kevin Banks, Brother
  • Robert Bertola, Tom Bjelic, Jill Purdy, Crimes of the Future
  • Martin Gwynn Jones, Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor
  • Elma Bello, Stay the Night
  • Sylvain Bellemare, Simon Meilleur, Frédéric Lavigne, Francis Gauthier, Claire Pochon, Viking

Achievement in Sound Mixing

  • Richard Penn, Joe Murrow, James Bastable, Brother
  • Ron Mellegers, Justin Helle, Christian Cooke, Marke Zsifkovits, Crimes of the Future
  • Martin M. Messier, The Inhuman
  • Matthew Chan, Stay the Night
  • Pierre Bertrand, Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Viking

Achievement in Visual Effects

  • Marc Hall, Babysitter
  • Eric Gambini, Sarah Krusch Flanagan, Louis Mackall, Virginie Strub, Andrew Joe, Gabriel Chiang, Linus Burghardt, Bones of Crows
  • Peter MacAuley, Kayden Anderson, Tom Turnbull, Caitlin Foster, Crimes of the Future
  • James Anthony Young, Cult Hero
  • Jean-François (Jafaz) Ferland, Marie-Claude Lafontaine, Charles Lamoureux, Jean-François Crevier, Lines of Escape
  • Landon Bootsma, Dexter Davey, Ashley Hampton, Milton Muller, Dmitry Vinnik, Until Branches Bend

Adapted Screenplay

  • Catherine Léger, Babysitter
  • Clement Virgo, Brother
  • Charlotte Le Bon, Falcon Lake

Original Screenplay

  • Marie Clements, Bones of Crows
  • Anthony Shim, Brother
  • Sadaf Foroughi, Summer with Hope
  • Sophie Jarvis, Until Branches Bend
  • Stéphane Lafleur, Eric K. Boulianne, Viking

Best Stunt Coordination

  • Paul Nigro, Auto Aficionado
  • Jean-François Lachapelle, Family Game
  • Wayne Wells, The Fight Machine
  • Dan Skene, Letterkenny
  • John Stead, Anita Nittoly, Dejah Dixon-Green, Nova Zatzman, George Tchortov, Pretty Hard Cases

Performance in a Leading Role

  • Monia Chokri, Babysitter
  • Lamar Johnson, Brother
  • Joseph Engel, Falcon Lake
  • Kelly Depeault, Noémie Dit Out
  • Seung-Yoon Choi, Riceboy Sleeps
  • Maxime Le Flaguais, Rodéo
  • Larissa Corriveau, That Kind of Summer
  • Steve Laplante, Viking

Performance in a Supporting Role

  • Nadia Tereszkiewcz, Babysitter
  • Mohammed Marouazi, Breathe
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brother
  • Aaron Pierre, Brother
  • K.C. Collins, Chien Blanc
  • Sara Montpetit, Falcon Lake
  • Jean-Luc Kanapé, Nouveau-Québec
  • Leili Rashidi, Summer with Hope

Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary

  • Batata
  • Dear Audrey
  • Handle With Care: The Legend of the Notic Streetball Crew
  • To Kill A Tiger
  • Zo Reken

Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary

  • Noura Kevorkian, Batata
  • Nicholas de Pencier, The Colour of Ink
  • Jacquelyn Mills, Geographies of Solitude
  • Katerine Giguère, Scrap
  • Étienne Roussy, Zo Reken

Best Editing in a Feature-Length Documentary

  • Noura Kevorkian, Mike Munn, Batata
  • René Roberge, Bloom
  • Jeremiah Hayes, Dear Audrey
  • Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, Handle With Care: The Legend of the Notic Streetball Crew
  • Mike Munn, Dave Kazala, To Kill A Tiger

Best Original Music in a Feature-Length Documentary

  • Walker Grimshaw, Dear Audrey
  • Edo Vanbreemen, Johannes Winkler, Handle With Care: The Legend of the Notic Streetball Crew
  • Delphine Measroch, Humus
  • Ramachandra Borcar, Scrap
  • Jonathan Goldsmith, To Kill A Tiger

Best Short Documentary

  • The Benevolents
  • Bill Reid Remembers
  • The Goats of Monesiglio
  • Patty VS. Patty
  • Perfecting the Art of Longing

Best Live Action Short Drama

  • III
  • À la vie à l’amor
  • Mimine
  • No Ghost in the Morgue
  • Simo

Best Animated Short

  • Arctic Song
  • The Flying Sailor
  • Impossible Figures and Other Stories I
  • The Shadow of My Life
  • Triangle of Darkness

John Dunning Best First Feature Film Award

  • Falcon Lake
  • The Maiden
  • Noémie dit Oui
  • Rodéo
  • Wolves

The 11th Canadian Screen Awards will take place on April 16, 2023.


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