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What's On, June 2024



Since 2021, WIFF has brought free outdoor community screenings to our downtown. Starting at Charles Clark Square before moving to the front lawn of City Hall, WIFF sets up a 20 ft. LED screen and cinematic sound to fill the area with the best quality screenings for all-day programming. Programming includes classic movies, anniversary titles and new movies or documentaries – there is always something for everyone!


Through the addition of increased lighting and incredible public art installations, WIFF Alley attracts locals and tourists alike to celebrate film and downtown Windsor.


Kristina Brandt

is a Windsor-based Visual Artist. Brandt was commissioned by WIFF to help beautify the alley by integrating the built environment with engaging and fun art pieces. This includes the rainbow staircase that highlights famous movie quotes, as well as silhouettes of famous film characters, and fun food items that enhance the look of the alley.


is a Windsor-based, multidisciplinary artist who’s known for large-scale murals, integrating graffiti and fine-art using vivid/energetic methods. DERKZ was commissioned by WIFF to paint a small mural that pays tribute to the Windsor community by showcasing the city’s roots of being known as “Rose City,” while also being fun and engaging for patrons to interact with.


is a Windsor-based, Canadian pop/mural artist whose aerosol and stencil artworks critique contemporary politics, capitalism, consumerism, and the human condition. DENIAL was commissioned by WIFF to design and execute a large mural collage that pays homage to the escapism of going to the movies and enjoying all things about being at the cinema.

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