WIFF JR. Programmer Film Selection — Sydney

My name is Sydney and I’m a first year student at the University of Windsor. A few of my favourite films from 2017 include Dunkirk, Call Me By Your Name, and A Ghost Story. The latter two movies were actually presented at WIFF last year. A great aspect of the Windsor International Film Festival is that it displays films from a variety of different genres. It also screens movies from other countries that you may not be able to see anywhere else. In short, WIFF has something for everyone.

WIFF Jr. Programmer Sydney is recommending Three Identical Strangers at this year’s festival.

One film I’m quite excited about is Three Identical Strangers. Directed by Tim Wardle (One Killer Punch, Lifers), this extraordinary documentary describes the coincidental reunion between triplets who were separated at birth. It begins in the 1980’s, when one of the triplets happens to meet his doppelganger on the first day of university. As if this wasn’t incredible enough, it isn’t long before a third curly-haired boy enters the picture. The series of fortuitous and even sinister events that follow make for a remarkable story that explores the intriguing mystery of what makes us who we are. Wardle’s acclaimed feature demonstrates how interviews, archival footage, and captivating recreations can be seamlessly integrated to convey a narrative honestly while still maintaining suspense. Three Identical Strangers is a film that will both warm your heart and break it.