WIFF JR. Programmer Film Selection — Hagen

My name is Hagen Nelson. I am 18 years old and I am in the History program at the University. I have always had a great passion for movies and cinema, and I have had a lot of great memories working with the film festival the last few years. The Godfather and 21 Jump Street are some of my personal favourite films.

WIFF Jr. Programmer Hagen Nelson is recommending Three Identical Strangers.

I am most excited to see Three Identical Strangers at the festival this year, which is a documentary about triplets separated at birth who end up running into each other later in life. I had never heard of this story until the movie came out, but the more I hear the more interested I get. The documentary has been universally acclaimed, and is said to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and anyone who takes the time to see it. I am a big fan of those “stranger than fiction” stories that come around once every few years, and I am super excited to learn everything there is to know about this one.