WIFF JR. Programmer Film Selection — Ashley

I’m Ashley Poulin and I’m a grade eleven student at St. Anne High School. I enjoy watching thrillers and dramatic films, especially ones with a good twist. My favourite films include Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Taken, La La Land and The Shape of

Water. This year at WIFF I am looking forward to seeing: The Guilty, Stray, Splinters and WIFF Local Shorts.

The Guilty

WIFF Jr. Programmer Ashley Poulin is recommending The Guilty, Stray, Splinters and WIFF Local Shorts.

The Guilty is a stunning Danish film from debuting director Gustav Möller. The film follows police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) as he is demoted to emergency dispatcher. He detests his new job and expects a dull experience. Until he faces a race against time when he answers a phone call from a kidnapped woman (Iben, in an incredible voice performance by Jessica Dinnage) who then disconnects abruptly. Asger scrambles, using those on the outside as his eyes and ears. As his own personal demons fight against him, Holm must use his investigative skills and good intentions to save a life. The Guilty’s single location and real-time construct are its biggest strengths. Whilst the camera never leaves the room, the outside world is perfectly clear. Being trapped in one room with such a strong actor and well written plot allows the tension and secrets to build up to the revelation of a much darker crime. This accomplished film is a best-in-film showcase of the possibilities in the world of cinema, even with the smallest resources.

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