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What's On, July 2024


June 28, 2023

WIFF Announces Advance Promotional Screening of THE MIRACLE CLUB

See the new film exclusively with WIFF.


The Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) is pleased to announce an exclusive advance promotional screening of The Miracle Club on July 12, 2023. The film is a heartfelt Irish drama starring legendary actresses Laura Linney, Kathy Bates and Maggie Smith.

The Miracle Club is a touching and inspiring film that reminds us of the inherent goodness in humanity and the significance of creating a supportive and compassionate community. With Maggie Smith’s incredible talent leading the way, this heartwarming tale will leave audiences uplifted and inspired to embrace the miracles that can be found in everyday life.

“It is an exciting time as we continue to work with distribution partners like LevelFilm to bring exclusive screenings to WIFF audiences,” said Vincent Georgie, Executive Director and Chief Programmer for WIFF. “Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates and Laura Linney are a delight together on-screen. This one is not to be missed.” 

This screening is part of the WIFF Presents series, which is presented by the Downtown Windsor Business Association. WIFF is grateful to the DWBIA for their continued support in hosting events in the downtown core.

The screening of The Miracle Club will be hosted at the Capitol Theatre on July 12 at 7 PM. Tickets are available online now and will be available at the door 30 minutes before showtime.


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