FESTIVAL PLAZA - 370 Riverside Ave E. Windsor, ON N9A 7H7

August 20th to September 11th, 2021

WIFF is excited to announce that “WIFF Under the Stars” will be returning to Windsor's waterfront this summer, a ‘drive-in style’ community event that will run from Friday, August 20 to Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Festival Plaza in downtown Windsor.

There will be something for everyone - including family matinees and evening double-features - so pack the car and join us for the event of the summer!


Can I buy tickets at the door? Where can I get tickets?

No, tickets will not be available at the door and all tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets are available online at www.windsorfilmfestival.com/underthestars.

When do the gates to Festival Plaza open and close?

The Plaza will open at 9 a.m. for the morning showings.

For evening screenings, the plaza will open each evening at 5:30 p.m. We encourage participants to come early, find their spots and then visit the riverfront or any of our amazing Downtown Windsor restaurants/bars before the show. The entrance of Festival Plaza will close 20-minutes after the second film has begun playing.

The exit is located at the back of the plaza, the same gate you entered through, and will be open throughout the entire night.

How do I enter the Plaza?

The entryway is on the corner of Aylmer Ave. & Riverside Drive E.. It is the one-way entrance on the East side of the parking lot on Glengarry Ave. and Riverside Drive E. Please follow the signs and have your tickets ready.

When will the film start? When should I arrive?

The film will start at dusk. The film could start as early as 7:45 p.m, or as late as 8:15 p.m. We recommend you arrive by 7:15 p.m. to get settled into your spot.

Can we reserve spots next to friends?

No. Entry is first-come-first-serve, all parking is assigned upon arrival. If your party has more than one vehicle, you must arrive together for a chance to park together. In an effort to ensure all patrons can enjoy the best viewing experience possible, parties of two or more vehicles may be separated.

Can I choose my own parking spot?

For a great experience for all patrons, you will not be permitted to choose your own parking space. It has to do with the geometry of the sight-lines. We want to ensure all patrons can see the film from their vehicles, so we will identify where the different sized vehicles park. This keeps, for instance, a large conversion van from being in front of a mini-cooper and completely blocking their view. Your vehicle will be designated a ‘high-rise’ or ‘low-rise’ vehicle upon entry and you will be escorted to your designated space by a WIFF volunteer.

What do you mean by ’high-rise’ and ’low-rise’ vehicles?

The definition used by the WIFF staff is: if your mode of transportation is shorter than 5.5 ft., you are considered to have a low-rise vehicle. Anything taller than 5.5 ft. is considered a high-rise vehicle. Most vans, trucks, large SUVs and Urban Assault vehicles fall into the ’high-rise’ category. There are a few small trucks that will fall into the ’low-rise’ along with smaller SUVs/crossovers.

How do we listen to the movie?

You are able to listen to the movie from your car radio and through one of our excellent portable sound devices. All patrons will be provided with a portable sound device upon entry, which must be returned upon exit. The radio frequency will be provided to you at the event.

I don’t have a car, can I walk in?

No. You must be in a vehicle to enter. Please make sure all of your party is inside the vehicle before entering. Due to COVID-19, we are prohibited from having areas for people without vehicles to sit.

How many people are allowed in a vehicle?

You must follow your required vehicle capacity. For every seat in your vehicle, one person can occupy it.

Can we sit on our tailgate, sit/stand outside our vehicle or outside my sunroof?

No. Due to the sightlines of the Festival Plaza, we can not have trunks open. The furthest back row is designated for High-Rise vehicles and may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis for sitting in tailgates or opening up trunks. There is no guarantee.

Can I exit the film and leave the plaza at any time?

Yes, you are allowed to exit the film at any time. Please exit to the left of your assigned parking spot, and follow the exit signs. The exit gate will be via the same gate you entered. WIFF volunteers will help guide you safely to the exit.

Where do we go if there is an emergency?

If there is an emergency, please exit to the left of your assigned parking spot. The exit gate will be via the same gate you entered. WIFF volunteers will help guide you safely to the exit.

Can I leave my car running during the event? 

No, car idling is not permitted. A healthy car battery should last up to 10 hours. We will allow cars to start up for a 10-minute maximum interval during the intermission, or if it is raining to run wipers/accessories.

Do I have to run my car for the radio to be on?

Check your owner’s manual. Most cars have an auxiliary power position in the ignition that allows the vehicle’s electronics to operate without the engine running. This is, of course, operating from the car’s battery power. If your car does not have an auxiliary power position and you can’t access your radio without your car running, or you prefer not to use your radio, you can use the WIFF portable sound device that you will be given upon arrival.

What if my car battery dies during the event?

Portable battery boosters are available on-site. Please find the closest WIFF volunteer or staff member and they will help assist you with restarting your vehicle.

Are we allowed to leave our vehicles?

You are only allowed to leave your vehicle to go to the washroom or to purchase concessions. You may also leave your vehicle to visit the riverfront or Downtown Windsor before or during the show.

Where can we go to the washroom?

Washrooms are located to the right of the stage/screen. WIFF staff will be located at the washrooms to ensure they are sanitized after each use and that patrons follow public health measures.

Are we required to wear face coverings outside of our vehicles?

Yes. Masks are required when exiting your vehicle. When you are inside your vehicle, it is up to you.

Are we allowed to bring in outside food and drinks?

Sure! Just please keep your waste in your vehicle and discard/recycle after leaving the plaza.

Can we purchase food and drinks at the event?

Popcorn (What’s Poppin’), coffee, pop, water, and small concession items will be available for purchase on-site.

Are we allowed to have alcohol or drugs on the premises?

Alcohol and/or drugs are not permitted.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted on the premises. Attendees may exit the premises and be remitted via a stamp.

Is there an age restriction?

We have posted all of Ontario film ratings, by the Motion Picture Association, for each movie with the subject matter of all of our films. Viewer discretion is advised. Minors must be accompanied by an adult for films that are rated 18A.

It’s raining! Do I get a rain check?

No. Our policy is that as long as we can still play the film, we will not give out rain checks or refunds. Under extreme weather or circumstance, we will notify all attendees on how to receive a refund.

Are we able to receive a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All films will be played regardless of most weather conditions. No rainchecks.  Should the weather cause an event that we can no longer play the first film (i.e. power-failure) or due to technical issues, an email will be sent about how to obtain a refund. No rainchecks will be given out after the second film has started.

Can I bring my pets?

We encourage you to keep your furry friends at home. If you decide to bring your pet, please ensure they are leashed at all times and do not disturb the experience for other guests. Also, pick up after them. Be courteous of our other patrons.

Can I arrive when gates open, park my car then exit to visit a Downtown Restaurant or walk the Riverfront?

Patrons are welcomed and encouraged to park early at Festival Plaza and exit their vehicle to go for dinner or a stroll by the river prior to the film. An experienced Downtown Ambassador will be onsite to park you and provide you with information on all the nearby eateries, bars, and pubs. Enjoy!


Evening Double-Feature – $40/vehicle

Morning Single-Feature – $20/vehicle



When purchasing tickets online, you must sign up, or sign in to your WIFF Login account to access the available tickets. Upon purchase, a confirmation email will be sent with your digital ticket. The digital ticket will be attached to this email as a PDF document labeled as the name of the film. Print it off at home or open it on a mobile device to get it scanned by a volunteer upon entering the Festival Plaza.


Popcorn and small concession items will be available for purchase on-site. WIFF will also be selling official merchandise to keep you warm and cozy, and your drinks nice and insulated.


Currently, there are no scheduled dates/times available for in-person tickets. Check back to see if any updates have been made.


Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All films will be played regardless of weather conditions. Sorry, no rain checks.

All tickets are per vehicle, and include a double-feature (evenings only, 2 films, back-to-back, with a 15 minute intermission). The single feature morning films are family friendly and we will only show one film.

Entry is on a first-come, first-serve basis and all parking is assigned upon arrival. No parking reservations.

Please see our FAQ section for additional information.

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