WIFF is delighted to showcase a compelling slate of Francophone films covering a broad spectrum of genres. We are proud to have ICI Radio-Canada serve as the official presenter of our Francophone programming. This programming is highlighted annually on a special, dedicated page in our festival program book, and in 2019, the 42 Francophone films screened at WIFF made up 25% of the overall programming. This is the largest number of Francophone feature films of any film festival in Canada (including Québec).

Every festival year, in partnership with Conseil scolaire catholique Providence, WIFF helped bring in over 11 Francophone schools on Opening Day to experience a double feature of Francophone films on the big screen. WIFF is thrilled to be able to provide the community with options to experience a large slate of francophone films every year.


WIFF teams up annually with the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival to present the Hot Docs Showcase. WIFF is thrilled to present unique, clever, and provocative films specifically selected by Hot Docs president Chris McDonald and director of programming Shane Smith.

Watch WIFF’s Executive Director & Chief Programmer, Vincent Georgie chat all things HotDoc 2021 with Director of Programming Shane Smith from WIFF’s interview series, WIFF Off Script.


Architecture influences many aspects of daily life. Architects create spaces, both public and private. They are talented individuals with a flair for design, an awareness of social trends and concrete engineering skills. The Windsor Region Society of Architects (WRSA) supports and encourages the profession of architecture. WRSA is also interested in a variety of social issues including urban gentrification, housing, access and the role of public spaces and livable communities. For more than five years, WRSA has joined forces with WIFF to promote four films that bring attention to issues surrounding communities & public spaces, the built environment, the creative process and the role of architecture and design in the modern world.


Our roster of LGBTQ2+ films is significant thanks to the wide range of titles spanning the world. Films are selected from major LGBTQ2S+ festivals including Inside Out Toronto and the San Francisco International Film Festival. This slate displays the profound diversity that exists within this community and tells stories through films serious and comical, true and fictional, entertaining and life changing. This programme slate is sponsored by Lisa and Scott McCain.

In 2019, WIFF was honoured to host Trixie Mattel, an American singer, actor, drag queen and recognized “Skinny Legend.” Trixie is the winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 3. Trixie Mattel performed a set and introduced the screening of the cult drag- queen classic The Adventures of Priscilla – Queen of the Desert, directed by Stephan Elliott. A meet & greet was held at WIFF Village following the film and performance, with other notable local drag queens accompanying.


Anniversary Celebrations

WIFF programmers select a few films every year to highlight and bring back to the big screen to celebrate their major anniversary milestones. Some of these films can be family favourites, others can be accompanied by a special guest, or many are to honour the impact they had on cinema and deserved to be re-watched or seen for the first time on the big screen.

Family Programming

WIFF is dedicated to increasing our programming for families and young children during the festival. During weekend matinees, enjoy some fantastic family-friendly programming or a nostalgic throwback to an anniversary celebrated family film, back on the big screen.


Enjoy an interactive movie-watching experience where your love for the songs in the films is encouraged. Let your inner shower-singer free as you follow along to on-screen lyrics, karaoke-style from the comfort of your own seat in the theatre. Warm-up your vocals with a professional singing coach before the show starts, to get everyone in their singing spirit.

Midnight Madness

A selection of films that are ridiculous and wild, cult classics, and some major nostalgia that will encourage lots of laughs, interactive participation or even an increase in legal substances to enhance your film experience. All films are presented on the weekend (Friday & Saturday’s) starting at Midnight. Let the madness sweep you off your feet as you sit back and relax in a whole new movie-watching experience.