Each year WIFF brings the local community together to celebrate the art of cinema, culture, and entertainment. We pride ourselves on offering the best, innovative, film experiences.

Les Films Francophone

WIFF is delighted to showcase a compelling slate of Francophone films covering a broad spectrum of genres.

Spotlight on Architecture

WRSA has joined forces with WIFF to promote films that bring attention to issues surrounding communities & public spaces and the role of architecture and design in the modern world.

Special Screenings

WIFF is proud to provide an assortment of programming for people of all ages and tastes. From wild classics at Midnight Madness to family sing-a-longs, there’s something for everyone.


Our roster of LGBTQ2+ films is significant thanks to the wide range of titles spanning the world.

HotDocs Showcase

WIFF teams up annually with the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival to present the Hot Docs Showcase.